Set 12 Week 2 : Dowan and Duvessa, Elven Siblings

Dowan: A beautiful but vain elf with an aptitude for magic and little else. Duvessa: A plain-looking elven fighter who is technically brilliant in many forms of combat, but over-confident because of it. Their skills compliment each others' as they journey to the surface.

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Deep ElfMage or MeleeHepliaklqana

The Species, Background, and God choices are all mandatory. You must be worshipping one of the gods listed above before entering Lair, Orc, or Depths, unless this isn't possible in which case you must worship them as soon as you can. Don't use faded altars (except in challenges where you can choose any god), and don't do anything to lose your religion unless otherwise specified.

Special Rule or Notes

You must choose to play as either Dowan or Duvessa; your selection affects the optional conducts, as well as the backgrounds you may choose. For Dowan: any Mage background (Wizard, Conjurer, etc.). For Duvessa: Fighter, Gladiator, or Monk.


Player Score★★ Year
pedritolo 50 2020
TheMeInTeam 50 2020
Ge0ff 50 2020
Gutso 50 2020
agentchuck 50 2020
agentgt 50 2020
MauveAvengr 50 2020
Tyrant 50 2022
MrSquiggles 50 2024
cashto 50 2024
Vintevios 50 2024
Abyss000 50 2020
krigyl 45 2020
RoGGa 30 2020
Graveyardigan 30 2024
Pseudoku 22 2020
Djent 22 2024
fabreeze 15 2022
sammydre 7 2020

Cosplay conduct points

1. Weapons
  • Dowan: Only use Short Blades for weapons.

  • Duvessa: Only train Short Blades, Throwing, and Fighting for weapon skills.
2. Magic/Armour
  • Dowan: Don't train Armour or Shields skill past skill level 4.

  • Duvessa: Don't train any magic schools other than Spellcasting.
3. Religion
  • Dowan: Choose Knight for your Ancestor type.

  • Duvessa: Choose Battlemage for your Ancestor type.

Conducts are worth +5 points each, to a maximum of half your score from milestones, rounded down. (So if you achieve 4 milestones (20 points) you can earn up to 10 points from conduct bonuses.) Small mistakes in following conducts will usually be forgiven.

Bonus challenges

1. The Sword Succeeds

Win a game playing as Duvessa, and get a rune playing as Dowan. It doesn't matter if you die in between games. You have to follow the same optional conducts in both games (but you can still choose which ones, if any, to try to follow), but only need to complete the other bonus challenge in the Duvessa game (if at all). Submit your Duvessa run, and link to your Dowan morgue in the comments of your run submission.

2. Without You I'm Nothing

Enter an S-branch (Swamp, Shoals, Snake, or Spider). Once you enter the 4th floor of that branch, you can no longer directly affect any creatures from that branch, or use any spells that create allies. In other words, your ancestor needs to do most of the work for killing enemies.

Scrolls of summoning, and evocables that produce allies, are allowed.

Once you get the rune, the restrictions are lifted for that branch, and you earn the star.

Bonus challenges are worth one star each, similar to banners in Crawl tournaments. Small mistakes will usually be forgiven.


  • Reach XL3.
  • Enter Lair, Orc, or Depths.
  • Reach the bottom of D, Lair, or Orc.
  • Collect your first rune.
  • Find the entrance to Zot. (Just using magic mapping doesn't count.)
  • Collect your third rune.
  • Win the game.

The main way to score points. +5 points each, and can be done in any order.